Traveling With A Newborn The Easy Way!

Traveling with a newborn can be hard BUT it doesn't have to be!

Traveling with a newborn

Traveling with a newborn… The nervousness is always on your shoulder when you plan to travel with your little one. The notion might be challenging but it doesn’t need to be. As always, traveling is fun and can be experienced when traveling with an infant not only for you but also for your baby.

You’ll probably need to sit at home for the first few months with the newborn. Between changing of diapers to feeding, newborn requires an ample amount of sleep and nonstop attention. By the age of 2 – 3 months, babies are a pretty good candidate for traveling as long as the trip is short.

Well, your newborn is less likely to view traveling with smiles.  You need to think a lot and make sure you have enough packed before embarking on the journey with a newborn.


Old Enough to Travel

Ideally, the first forty days of the babies are best to avoid any travel. The period on confinement might extend to a few more weeks as to protect the baby from any infection and also to give you ample time to relax right after delivery.

If traveling is necessary, then do plan to take the journey by train, car or bus. Air travel might not be feasible at this time (under six months) and also airlines have strict rules to comply with and also some do not allow to carry a baby while airborne (under one month). But, once the baby is stable enough to hold on their own and have a routine set for sleeping and feeding, newborns can cope very well traveling.


Keeping the baby SAFE and QUIET!

Plan a trip which has low-run as it should not be exhausting for the baby. Long spells are not enjoyable for your newborn! Try your best to keep your schedule flexible to accommodate according to the mood of the baby. If your newborn has a habit at eating at certain times, try and stick to that routine or your newborn might play up and start crying because the routine has been broken.


  • Flying with the baby

Many airlines do not allow newborns under one month old on an airplane. It is vital you check with the airline before you book anything. The case may be exceptional if the mother needs to travel very urgently due to some medical case (medical certificate will be required).

But, again try avoiding the flight.

It is not the oxygen level or the pressure in the cabin, but the traveling through an airport and in an airplane would expose her to a viral illness and other infections and this is the main concern for safe travel with a newborn.


Few guidelines for traveling with a newborn


  • When traveling by car, make sure to install the car seat of the baby at the rear rather than the front seat.
  • Make sure to lace window shades or a small cloth on the windows to protect your child from the rays of the sun as they might be harsh on the fresh skin.
  • It is advised to travel with the first day kit for babies that must have all the medical necessities like cold, flu, cough, upset tummy and motion sickness.

Feeding the baby while traveling

The most important thing to carry along with you are adequate bottles of water. Instead of looking here and there for nearby shops, carry some in your traveling bag or the infant’s bag.  If you are traveling by road, try to take short breaks during the travel that might be suitable for the baby. You will get some time to rest and time to breastfeed your newborn.

If your baby is on any infant formula food, then you might need to plan very carefully when traveling. Here is what you actually need.

  • Carry some easy mini food packets
  • Sterilized travel bottles and nipples for the bottle.
  • Carry sufficient wet wipes
  • Always boil the water for making milk or food for the baby and never use packaged mineral water to prevent the upset of tummy.
  • Make sure to take some interesting toys and other favorite’s items like books, puzzles etc.

Other useful tips

  • Take adequate rest before the journey. This will help you to have lots of energy during the journey
  • Take plenty of fluids during the trip. It is also important to keep yourself and the baby hydrated
  • Choose a lightweight stroller with a mosquito net and shade.
  • Pack an extra blanket for extra warmth if necessary
  • Carry a sanitizer to avoid germs while traveling, especially by train!
  • Always carry spare clothes just in case accidents happen!
  • Try to start the trip early in the morning. Make afternoons for activities while evening can be spent relaxing in the room for a fresh morning.


Traveling with newborns might not be convenient as traveling alone but is certainly a wonderful experience when it goes right! Taking trips with infants is always a beautiful and everlasting memory.


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