How to Get Sleep When Having a Baby (Learn This)

Don't Underestimate Getting Sleep When You Have a Baby

So, you are pregnant and you and your partner have never been so ecstatic. You have started talking about and planning things for the arrival of your baby, including how you will be managing his/her regular routines. You figure out that your baby will co-sleep with you for the first few weeks, you’ll get to watch that innocent little angel face with a beautiful smile, and he/she will gradually transition to their crib, sleeping for continuous hours, giving enough time for you and your partner to spend some quality and romantic time together.


But, soon after you get back home from the hospital with your little bundle of joy, reality will sink in. Not late after will you realize that reality is nothing like what you thought you had figured out. You will have so many wake-up calls at nights, sometimes so close to one another, that you will feel like a zombie the next day, not being able to carry out even the most basic tasks. And those romantic nights you and your partner have been imagining about, what romance!?


Wait, you don’t have to be afraid though. Sleep deprivation is something all new parents go through. Fortunately, there are ways you can make it work. This will make parenting easier for you!


That Cliche Tip When Getting Sleep With a Baby

As you’ve probably heard from, well, everybody you know, try and sleep or nap whenever your little one sleeps or naps. As cliche as it may sound, this is one of the best chances you have to get some shut eye with a baby. At first, with the little time you have when your baby naps, you will be tempted to finish as much house chore as possible before he/she wakes up. But, this will only make you weak and you’d wish after a few days or weeks that you used the time to sleep yourself. Therefore, be wise and sleep as much as you can whenever you baby sleeps.


Just Relax

Even if you are not able to sleep during the day, just use the time to lie down and relax. Whether it is on your couch, in your bedroom, or on that comfy swivel chair in your baby’s nursery, avoid using any kind of electronic devices (no calls, no answering emails, no watching shows, no listening to music) and just relax.



Buy a co-sleeping crib or bassinet to keep your baby close to you during the night. This can either be a one that can be attached to your bed or one you can have next to you on your bed. With this technique, your newborn is likely to sleep for longer stretches and have only brief nursing calls, giving you proper rest and sleep.


Take Up Midnight Feeding in Shifts

One of the best ways to protect both your and your partner’s sleep is to take care of your newborn in shifts during the night. If your partner works outside the home during the day, your normal way of thinking would be to take up the night feeding job all for yourself so your partner can wake up fresh for next day’s work. Remember, taking care of your baby all day and all night all by yourself will only lead to more serious sleep deprivation.


Therefore, one way you can both benefit is by rotating nights or feeding in shifts. To achieve this, all you need to is pump milk before going to bed, if you are breastfeeding. If your baby is formula fed, you don’t really have to worry about pumping. Following this technique will get you some much deserved hours of uninterrupted sleep, while also giving your partner a chance to connect with your baby.


Get All the Help You Can To Get Sleep

When it comes to getting sleep when you have a baby, do not hesitate, ask for help from your close relatives and friends. After all, you are not asking help for your beauty sleep, but to keep yourself up and going for the sake of your newborn. Of course, you will have a lot of generous offers come in from your loved ones; in that case, accept all the help you get offered (from trusted sources, obviously!). And when you get those extra few hours to sleep, do not worry about anything, including the time you have left, just get to napping.


Try Sleeping in Separate Rooms to Get Sleep When Having Baby

Though this tip might shock you, there would be times when you are in absolute need of some undisturbed sleep. During those times, try sleeping in a separate room while your partner takes care of the baby. Again, you can take turns with this approach as well.


Just keep in mind that these sleepless nights will come to an end. As your baby grows and starts reaching one milestone after the other, you will vaguely remember these nights.


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