You NEED to Bond with your Baby with these Techniques

When a new-born gets from you what she needs, like a smile, a cuddle or a touch, she feels to be safe in this world. This foundation of well-being is very important for the baby as it will help her to grow mentally and physically.

What is bonding?

Bonding is the unconditional feeling of love and the attachment between you and the baby. Mothers especially feel the bonding the moment their baby is born. The imagination to hold your beautiful baby in your hand for the first time is triggering your minds weeks before – so don’t panic. If we were not that much crazy in love with our little bundles, raising them is hard to imagine but, that bond and that love makes it happen.

The bonding process

Most of the mothers imagine that magical moment of pure bonding and feel right from day one, but there are many who take days and weeks to feel that special bond. The gradual growth of love is something different from the ‘wham bam’ love, but, feeling the extended traumatic and difficult labor conditions might also take some long to manage the nappy on the way around. And still, of the checkbox is not ticked, don’t feel pressured as it will take time, but will come.

Understanding the behavior of the newborn bonding

The new-born uses body language to tell if she needs something, like feed or nappy change. She might even

  • Smile at you or make eye contact – Babies just love to look in your motherly eyes
  • Making of little noises, like laugh or coos.
  • Crying

When as mothers you are able to read the baby messages and respond in the right way, this encourages the communication and the bonding is starting to grow between the baby and the mother.

Best way to Bond

Bonding with the newborn requires us to slow down as babies live in a different rhythm and we as mothers need to really slow down to understand their rhythm. Some of the best ways to bond with your baby might be the reason to get you close to the little nachos of your life.

  • Go for Skin-to-Skin

Try rocking him or holding her against your skin on skin will help to get the bonding process a little soon. You can even stroke him gently after her bath or a nappy change.

  • Chatting and smiling

The babies understand your voice but, they won’t understand you. The will recognize your smile. Talk to the newborn as often as you can through soothing or telling stories. This will help to recognize your voice and also understand the language.

  • Sing to your baby

The newborn likes the ups and down of the songs and rhythm. You are not performing here, you are singing to your biggest fan – you will enjoy it so the baby will love it too.

  • Dance with your baby

If you are not feeling good in singing, dance with your child close to you will feel her relaxed and may be the twirled love will help you to get the bonding.

  • Try baby Massage

Lots of mothers have really found this oxytocin method really good as it lifts the mood and the one-to-one contact helps mothers tune-in to their little babies.

Make each and every minute count and priority to be with the new-born as the experience of the bubble will be more romantic as there is nothing important in the world right now than to be with your baby.


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