Having A Baby And What To Expect!

What is it like to be a mother? Here are the details!

Having a Baby

Having a baby! There it is, the two pink lines you’ve been longing to see! Congratulations! You’ve made it! Regardless of how you got here, expected or unexpected, you will now have a million questions in your mind.

Well, first, relax. This is just the beginning. Yes, you are going to be a mother; as happy as that makes you feel, it is an undeniable fact that you need the entire duration of your pregnancy to get ready and understand the same. First and foremost, make sure you are always surrounded by happiness and positive friends & family. Yes, your hormones will trigger a lot of different emotions, but what you need to do is rest, relax, and pay attention to one thing at a time.

As soon as they find out they are pregnant, many women tend to panic about the bigger, more complex questions, like the type of birth they want, etc. You can focus on these questions as your pregnancy progresses and you learn more about the same. It is completely natural for you to feel overwhelmed by the thoughts of what lies ahead, regardless of whether this is a planned or unplanned pregnancy. Your focus now should be on nurturing your body, which is doing an amazing job of growing a new life.

The Dilemma When Having a Baby

The dilemma of to tell or not to tell everyone about your pregnancy is perhaps one of the early decisions you will have to make. Of course, it isn’t easy to keep such an exciting news a secret. However, most couples wish to wait until their 12-week scan, just to make sure that everything is fine with the pregnancy before revealing it to friends and family.

On the other hand, some of you may feel reassured that some things are normal when you share the news, or any issues with the same, with a close friend or family member who already has a baby. No matter what you choose to do, one thing you need to make sure is that both you and your partner are happy with the decision.

Labor will Hurt – More Than You Can Imagine

Think about the highest physical pain you’ve ever experienced; ooh, does the very thought of that hurt? Well, that doesn’t even come close to what you will experience during labor. No matter how you prepare yourself mentally for the pain, it will be a totally different story when you actually experience it. But, yes, as they always say, it will be totally worth it when you hear the cry of your little one, knowing he/she has made it to the outside world safe and sound.

Breastfeeding Difficulties

This is something many new mommies are known to not discuss about. Almost all new moms face problems with breastfeeding; however, most of them choose to remain quiet and not discuss about the same with an expert. When you have your baby, you are most likely to have breastfeeding difficulties. Just remember, you are not alone! So, do not hesitate to reach out to a professional and gather sufficient knowledge on the topic and proper technique.

Pain and Bleeding

In the case of vaginal delivery, you will experience vaginal pain, a lot, after giving birth. Though you might be aware of this, brace yourself, because the pain will be quite severe in the first week after delivery, especially when sitting, walking, coughing, and sneezing.

Many women are also likely to experience severe abdominal pain after delivery. Since your body will be in the process of shrinking your uterus to its original size, the pain you feel could be as intense as your labor. And this pain is often experienced while breastfeeding. You will feel much better after a couple days.

In addition to these pains, you will also experience vaginal bleeding and this applies to both vaginal delivery and C-section. You will also bleed clots. This is likely to last for about a week and will slowly fade away.

Baby Sights and Sounds

After you get home from the hospital, you will come across some baby sights and sounds that you hadn’t expected but mostly are normal. One such sight is the stump of the umbilical cord. Its black color and unpleasant look may seem quite weird on an infant; that’s okay. The stump will drop out within a few weeks. You just need to keep it dry and clean until then; You can ask for tips from your doctor for this.

Another sight that many new moms are not prepared for is their baby’s poop. What’s the big deal with their poop? After your baby is born, his/her poop for the first few days will be blackish green in color, after which the color can become brown, yellow, or green. Also, it can be curdy, pasty, or runny. Do not panic; all of this is normal. If it makes you feel any better, baby poop doesn’t really smell a lot.

Postpartum Depression

Also known as baby blues, this basically refers to the mood swings women go through soon after giving birth. Feeling sad, tired, frustrated, and anxious at times during the first few weeks after delivery is widely common among new moms. During the course of your pregnancy and delivery, you will go through a lot physically and emotionally. While postpartum depression doesn’t last too long, for some women, it can last up to a year after their delivery.

When having a baby, the first six weeks are the most troublesome. You and your partner are getting used to your new roles as parents and you are slowly getting to know your baby. There are a lot of different milestones for you to look forward to, right from your baby’s first genuine smile to his/her first word, everything will be extremely gratifying, and you will no longer remember the hardships you went through to reach there, whether it is your painful delivery or the postpartum blues. So, just hang in there for a little while! We know you will get through it in the end. Never be afraid to talk about your issues with a professional.


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